Mission Statement

Cornerstone Food Bank is a group of compassionate volunteers dedicated to reducing hunger in the south metro Denver area by providing highly nutritional foods to overlooked and underfed families and individuals in a personal, caring environment.


Cornerstone Food Bank is the creation of a very special person: Becky Todhunter. When Becky was grow­­ing up in Connecticut her mother had a passion for taking care of the needy and fed the hoboes who came to their family farm. Even after being stricken with multiple sclerosis Becky’s mother continued to reach out to others in need. Becky has never forgotten her mother’s example and has continued serving those who are experiencing hardship.

From the time she had a home of her own Becky would pick up extra food when she heard of people in need in the community. Soon she was stocking food in her garage. When people would tell her of a family who had fallen on hard times, Becky would deliver food to them. By 2002, Becky realized that the informal food pantry she was running had outgrown her garage. She transferred it to a church in a lower income neighborhood just off Broadway in Englewood, and Cornerstone Food Bank was born using donated refrigerators and freezers and volunteer labor. At first Cornerstone served an average of 15 people a week, but information about the food bank spread quickly by word-of-mouth and the number of clients grew steadily. Currently Cornerstone serves over 300 people a week.

Since 2008, Cornerstone has been operating out of Englewood Bible Church, readily accessible from the Broadway corridor where there is a high concentration of low income families. Other than providing the premises for our organization, the church does not directly participate in Cornerstone’s activities. There are no religious overtones to the food bank itself: there is no proselytizing and there is no requirement to attend a church service in order to receive food. Becky Todhunter continues to direct Cornerstone’s operations.

Cornerstone Food Bank offers a vital service in our community which is not otherwise being provided in the vicinity. We recognize that if a family is struggling, those family members will be hungry every day, not just once a month (which is the limit imposed at some other food banks). That is why we do not limit the number of weeks per month a family can use our services. A family will sometimes come regularly for a few months and then no more, presumably when the breadwinner finds employment.

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