I am 30 years old with four children and have been a single mom for five years. I earn some money babysitting and cleaning houses. Two years ago I heard about Cornerstone Food Bank from a neighbor and I started coming here. The boxes of food that Cornerstone gives me help out a lot, especially at the end of the month when the food stamps are gone. Without the food from Cornerstone we’d just be eating fried potatoes or mac-n-cheese for dinner. Also, not having to spend money on food means I can pay the electricity and other bills. The summer of 2006 I started volunteering at Cornerstone; helping unload and put away food when they get deliveries on Fridays and sometimes helping set up to serve meals on Tuesdays.

A single parent

Each week I pick up a box of food from Cornerstone Food Bank for former neighbors who are in their 70s and don’t have a car. They are raising their three grandchildren who were abandoned by their drug-addicted parents. The children’s parents are in and out of prison and do not provide any support for the children. The family receives food stamps, but it’s not enough to feed pre-teens and a teenager. I sometimes buy toiletries out of my own pocket for the family when it’s not included in the box from Cornerstone Food Bank.

An elderly client

My husband developed a severe illness six months ago and we lost everything. He lost his job and we lost our house when we were bankrupted by medical bills. We still have our car because it’s paid for, but we became homeless. We’re living out of an empty garage with no electricity and no water. We’re getting $491 a month in Social Security and we depend entirely on Cornerstone Food Bank to feed us. It’s the only assistance available to us. I don’t know what we’d do without it.

A homeless client

Someone told me about Corner­stone Food Bank after a fire damaged our home three years ago. Insurance only partially covered our loss and things have been difficult ever since. Both my husband and I are currently unem­ployed and we have two chil­dren to provide for. Cornerstone Food Bank helps us out when we can’t quite make ends meet at the end of the month. We try to give back to Corner­stone by helping to unload­ and put away food when they get a delivery.

An unemployed client

Last fall I had to miss work for medical reasons and as a result I lost my job. Shortly afterwards my husband, who was a tow truck driver, broke his leg quite badly and was also laid off from his job. We have two teenagers living at home as well as my mother who lives with us. Although we had health insurance it didn’t cover all the bills. With both my husband and myself out of work we quickly used up all our savings. My brother told me about Cornerstone Food Bank and I started coming. The boxes of food we got each week really helped tide us over until I could find a job and start working again. My husband still hasn’t been able to return to work yet.

I am a grandmother raising my 5 year old grandson who is ADD. The boy’s father, recently returned from Iraq, does not pay any regular child support. My only source of regular income is my social security check. I am looking for part time work, but am only physically able to work three days a week, 3-4 hours a day. Paying for a babysitter for my grandson is expensive and preschools won’t take him because of his hyperactivity. The box of food from Cornerstone Food Bank helps feed us; it’s the only source of fresh produce (which is too expensive in the store), the dairy products, mac ’n cheese and ramen are great for snacks for my grandson.

My husband died. I lost my job. At 64 it’s hard to find another. It’s a struggle just to eat.

We work hard, but we can’t make ends meet. With medical bills, car repairs, work cut to ¾ time, the interest on our credit cards is killing us. We’re upside down on our house and we have 2 mortgages.

My husband works construction and was out of work during the winter for 4 months. I work part time and am searching for full time work doing assembly and manufacturing work. In addition to our son, we also care for my elderly father who is disabled. The box of food we get from Cornerstone gives us a variety of foods I can use to feed my family, as well as snacks my son can fix for himself on his own.

I lost my job following a tubal pregnancy and am looking for work. My husband just started work after being in jail for a year. I found Cornerstone while driving around looking for a food bank because we were desperate.

I have mental health issues and low income. I would be starving without the help I get from Cornerstone Food Bank.

I lost my job 5/1/06 and without the help from Cornerstone Food Bank my family would have to eat scraps.

Cornerstone gives me snacks for my granddaughters — fruits and veggies and crackers — that I otherwise couldn’t afford.

Cornerstone Food Bank has helped me and my family because I am unable to work and have a dependent child and a disabled father. So, every little bit helps us out more than you think.

I just got out of jail. Cornerstone Food Bank helped me to find a place to live and fed me too.

I lost my job and my husband’s business is very slow and we lost our home and thanks to Cornerstone Food Bank we have been able to feed our family!

I got hurt on my job. Cornerstone Food Bank has helped me for a couple of years and if it wasn’t for them I would be starving. They are a great bunch of people that have hearts.

My husband and myself are not working right now and not only is Cornerstone Food Bank helping with food for the week, but they do serve you cooked food when you come in to get a food box. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know what I would be eating.