You Can Make a Difference

Donations Are Always Welcome

You can help us feed the overlooked and underfed in our community by making a donation or by volunteering. Cornerstone pays an average of 10¢ per pound for the food we distribute. This means that a $100 donation will buy about 1,000 pounds of food. All donations, in any amount, are greatly appreciated.

Simply click on the Donate Now button on this page and you can donate offline (by check) or online with PayPal

Cornerstone Food Bank’s fiscal agent is God’s New Beginnings, a 501(c)3 non­profit organization recognized by the IRS, so donations are tax deductible.

Volunteers Needed

We often need volunteers to help with transporting, sorting, and distributing food, as well as with client intake, set up, and clean up. Student internships are available for special projects (event planning, community development, volunteer recruitment, grant writing and other areas). We’ll keep track of your hours for you.

Our volunteers are a highly diverse group of all ages, socioeconomic levels and religions, who handle many aspects of our food bank operation from picking up donations to cooking a noontime meal each week to entering data into the computer and much more.

If you wish to volunteer contact Becky Todhunter at 720-229-2336.

Become a Community Partner

Cornerstone Food Bank actively encourages community involvement through alliances with community partners to expand the network of local stores and businesses which donate items and services to Cornerstone.

Cornerstone Food Bank is in great need of donations as our charity expands to serve more hungry families, especially with rising gas and food prices. What we are able to provide depends on weekly in-kind food donations from local stores and businesses, as well as cash contributions used to purchase food, gas, and kitchen supplies. With additional donations from local companies we will be able to meet the increasing demand for food for low income and homeless families in our community.

Cornerstone desperately needs any items that can be donated (except baked goods which we usually have in sufficient quantity). Any dairy products, meats, fresh produce, canned goods, or groceries that are nearing their expiration date, as well as non-food items are greatly appre­ciated. Cornerstone Food Bank is staffed by volunteers and supported by individual and community contributions. The best time for us to pick up perishable items would be Tuesday mornings since that is the day we distribute food boxes to families. Volunteers are available to pick up your donations at your convenience.

A gift card or donation (in any amount) to use in making our purchases would also be very much appreciated. Cornerstone Food Bank is a public charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3). Contributions to the food bank are deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. Cornerstone Food Bank recognizes sponsors by posting a list of food donors in a prominent place that clients see when they collect their boxes of food each week. All contributors of in-kind donations are noted in budgets, financial statements, and grant applications.

Become a community partner today and support Cornerstone Food Bank with in-kind donations, gift cards, and discounts. If you have any questions, want to make a donation or arrange a pickup of donated items; please contact Becky Todhunter at 720-229-2336.